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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Haste The Day vs. Haste The Day 6.29.2010

A Squared Industries has worked with the metalcore group Haste The Day for many years. Andy used to work for Kulture Entertainment, their management company, and A2 has booked and/or promoted many Haste The Day shows and still maintains good friendships with many of the band members.

Carmel, Indiana-born Haste The Day originally started out as a three-piece group in 2001 that featured founding members Brennan Chaulk, guitar/vocals, Devin Chaulk, drums/vocals, and Mike Murphy, bass/vocals. Six months after inception, the band added longtime friend Jason Barnes to the group as a second guitarist. Then in 2002, after a series of auditions, the band listed Jimmy Ryan as their lead vocalist. Haste The Day has since released one EP and now five full-length studio albums.

In late 2005, Jimmy Ryan announced his decision to leave Haste The Day. He played his last show with the band on December 30, 2005 in Indianapolis. Soon thereafter he got married and accepted a position at Tooth & Nail Records. The remaining members continued on for the European tour with The Juliana Theory, accompanied by Stephen Keech of the Denver-based band New Day Awakening. On February 23, 2006, Haste The Day stated in a press release that they had officially made Keech their new permanent singer. Haste The Day continued on with a new lead singer, but since has weathered more lineup changes: Jason Barnes was replaced as guitar player by Dave Krysl, and then not long after their fourth album both Chaulk brothers left the band to spend more time with their families and were replaced by Giuseppe Capolupo and Scotty Whelan. Mike Murphy continues to be the sole original member of the band after nine years.

On 6.29.2010 at Rhino's in Bloomington, Indiana, Haste The Day played live with every member past and present getting in on the action. Jimmy Ryan, Devin & Brennan Chaulk, and Jason Barnes joined Mike Murphy, Stephen Keech and all the 'new' Haste The Day band members Dave Krysl, Giuseppe Capolupo and Scotty Whelan for an incredible extra-long set of brand-new tracks off the new HTD studio album alongside classic tracks from the first 4 albums and 1 EP. This is footage from that show, shot by Andy Skinner:

"Blue 42," from the first Haste The Day full-length, performed by all 5 original members of HTD:

"Pressure The Hinges," from the third full-length album, performed by the current 5-member lineup of HTD:

Haste The Day vs. Haste The Day "Pressure The Hinges" 6.29.2010 from A Squared Industries on Vimeo.

"The Closest Thing To Closure," from the first Haste The Day full-length, performed by all 5 original members of HTD:

Haste The Day vs. Haste The Day "The Closest Thing To Closure" 6.29.2010 from A Squared Industries on Vimeo.

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