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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

HOMESPUN: a great idea for a new store in Indy - HELP OUT!

Our friends Amanda and Neal Taflinger, the brains and brawn behind the bi-annual INDIEana Handicraft Exchange (where we at A Squared sponsor and deejay each time) are up for a grant to help make their handicraft store, Homespun, a reality.

It's a project they've been working on for a while, and they are planning to open by July 2010 in Irvington. The store will showcase the work of local, regional and national artists, provide a classroom for low-cost arts workshops for youth and adults, and offer a small gallery space for up-and-coming artists in the Midwest. This grant would get them a little closer to their goal and relieve some of the personal financial burden. However, the grants are awarded based solely on votes acquired, so they need YOUR help.

It won't be difficult or painful, we promise.... all we'd like you to do is click on the link below and vote for the Homespun project. Each voter is able to vote for the project once a day, every day from now through February 28. You can even set a simple notice on your iCal, or similar application, on your phone or computer to remind you to place your vote daily! They are currently ranked #4 in their category, and as long as we remain in the top 10 through the rest of the month, they'll get the money!

While you're voting for Homespun, check out some of the other ideas. There are some fantastic proposals up right now, all ideas on how to "refresh" our world - how to change things or make things better across the USA. 32 projects will win each month. Heck, if you've got a great idea, get your own proposal ready to submit next month! Pepsi has $1.3 million to give away each month for the next year. It's a pretty amazing opportunity, and we know we have motivated friends and family whose brains are brimming with productive, creative ideas! Individuals, non-profits, for-profit businesses and organizations are all eligible to apply. The categories for projects range from Arts & Culture to Health & Nutrition, from The Planet to Neighborhoods and more.

Click on the link below to vote for Homespun today. Save the link in your browser, and vote again tomorrow...and the next day....and the next!

Thanks for your help!


P.S.) A helpful hint: you can vote once a day from a single email you may actually be able to vote twice a day, or more, if you have multiple email addresses! Just sayin'!

P.P.S.) If you have a group of fans or friends you think might be interested in voting for us, please, by all means, repost, repost, repost! Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, your personal blog, whatever. They'll take all the attention we can get! Thanks again!

P.P.P.S) Unfortunately, yes, you will have to "sign up" on Pepsi's website, which will probably put you on a mailing list. But, after you've done this good deed for the month of February, you can certainly unsubscribe! (Or you could just create a new junk mail account for occasions just like this.) Please don't let that stop you.Thanks again!

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