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Monday, February 1, 2010

The (Indianapolis) Local Music Git Down - thanks MOKB!

Back on Saturday, January 23rd the nice fellers from My Old Kentucky Blog put together a pretty amazing day of local music with help from Butler Scion, Nuvo, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and LaundroMatinee — along with the special efforts of the local music community including A Squared, Indy CD and Vinyl, Luna, Transpanther, Joyful Noise, IndyMojo, Musical Family Tree, Vibes, and more — appropriately titled the Local Music Git Down at Locals Only.
What will hopefully become a re-occurrence in the city, The Local Music Git Down was a celebration of the local scene with many bands and DJs featured.
The Line-Up:
Now, it could easily be assumed that when you get this many local bands and DJs together on one day for one big shimmy and shake show it might end up as a clusterfuck...the weeble may wobble but it won't fall down, right? Especially when our buddy Eric from Butler Scion loaned MOKB a Toyota Tundra in order to transport fifty 30-packs of free PBR for the bands to drink all day whut whuuuuuut? 
We have the pleasure of telling you that the weeble didn't fall - on the contrary this Git Down might have been one of the best examples of how Indianapolis musicians, artists, promoters and fans continue to coalesce around the vibrant and ever-growing scene we have here in Naptown...and a big fat thank you is in order for Dodge and JB of MOKB for pointing this out once again, in an extremely macro manner.
In addition, a portion of the sponsor money and ticket sales was be donated to Rock For Riley. What a great group of people, right?
All the artists showed up as well, both literally and figuratively, almost like they were in a giant one-upper competition. We Are Hex, Burnt Ones, Pravada, Thunders, Slothpop, America Owns The Moon - not only are all these bands deserving of international acclaim in their own right but they all SLAYED on stage, each putting in performances of the year.
MOKB doubled their pleasure and doubled their fun, renting out the building next door to serve as a giant green room/play pen for the bands and setting up a mobile recording studio so that each band could record their own session for the MOKB-run holy wow, looking forward to seeing those.
Conclusion: for one day this fair city was overflowing with live musical talent and extremely short on crabs in a barrel.

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